The People Owned Ecosystem

HBT is the utility & governance token of the Habitat Rollup

This is a Fair Launch. No Rugging, No VCs, No Whales.

Easily swap any token to HBT to support the development of the Habitat Ecosystem.

To ensure a fair distribution, the swap happens at a fixed rate of 0.25 DAI = 1 HBT

To fund the bootstrapping pool an individual swap back decay is applied. With each week the decay increases and the available funds are locked to build out Habitat. You can always swap back with no decay in the epoch you joined. The bootstrap phase offers only a limited supply of 2.000.000 HBT

Funding Progress

Hardcap 2M HBT


You can swap back, trade or transfer your HBT at any time.

Your Invested Epochs

Soft-Governance in v0.5

Under “Evolution HBT can be used to vote on pre-defined milestones to achieve v1.0. The progress is transparent and can be checked or upvoted to increase its priority. Feel free to support.

Additionally, HBT can be used to vote on first community suggestions or bugs. These proposal can be submitted by every community member.


Utility of the Habitat Token (HBT)

Operator Rewards

The rollup operator is not a single entity but every member of Habitat. Therefore all the rewards and profits of the rollup go towards the liquidity providers and feature farmers. Communities should not only benefit by low txn fees or fast confirmation times but also by the very own profit Habitat generates.

Feature Farming

Habitat v1.0 is a modular toolkit that allows to easily build or migrate your community on the Habitat rollup. Since every community and their process is unique the HBT Token is the signal to propose new modules and tools. As more features are farmed the adoption of Habitat increases and HBT gains in value.

Ecosystem Currency

HBT is the fuel of the Habitat ecosystem. It is issued as a reward for increasing the stability, security and further development of Habitat. Habitat is based on a circular economy. Builders, stakers and active voters can earn while users and communities pay in HBT for operator fees or new features.

Rollup Governance

The Habitat rollup is owned by the communities and their members. The infrastracture of Habitat is therefore controlled and governed by the people. When HBT and ETH are staked you earn the right to vote on important rollup design decisions. This can include challenge times, block finalizations, operator fees and many more rollup specific governance.


The bootstrap pool directly funds Habitat v1.0 These funds will solely be used to pay for operations and bounties for Habitat’s ongoing development.