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๐Ÿ’Ž Gemcutter


The framework is just a proof of concept, this documentation contains more features than the actual repository.

Useful things

EIP-2535 Diamonds simplified

Gemcutter is a set of Hardhat tasks built to provide a simple way to develop and deploy EIP-2535 Diamonds. It uses a file to sync the local changes to the blockchain.

Sourcify verification

Gemcutter works with Sourcify, all the deployed facets are going to be verified on Sourcify.

The Diamond file

Gemcutter uses .diamond.json files to keep track of the status of the diamond. It is composed by:

  • address: the address of the diamond
  • chainId: the chainId of the diamond (check Sourcify chainId)
  • functionSelectors: a mapping (function_name: facet_name)
  • contracts: all the facets in the diamond

You can have multiple .diamond.json files into a single project. When calling the Gemcutter's hardhat tasks pass the --o argument to specify the .diamond.json.

Contracts type: remote vs local

Contracts type can be:

  • remote: already deployed contracts verified on Sourcify
  • local: contracts that are going to be deployed

Example of diamond.json

"address": "0x1be50e2EAe43e6452b03eE0ab7AFb34b24008512",
"chaindId": 4,
"functionSelectors": {
"diamondCut": "DiamondCutFacet",
"facetAddress": "DiamondLoupeFacet",
"facetAddresses": "DiamondLoupeFacet",
"facetFunctionSelectors": "DiamondLoupeFacet",
"facets": "DiamondLoupeFacet",
"supportsInterface": "DiamondLoupeFacet",
"owner": "OwnershipFacet",
"transferOwnership": "OwnershipFacet"
"contracts": {
"DiamondInit": {
"name": "DiamondInit",
"address": "0x158fA028deAEcf68Ea9bC496B7a65C72fB96233a",
"type": "remote"
"DiamondCutFacet": {
"name": "DiamondCutFacet",
"address": "0x143f2464404F2C18eECbDC31374222BB7fb7013D",
"type": "remote"
"DiamondLoupeFacet": {
"name": "DiamondLoupeFacet",
"address": "0xCb4392d595825a46D5e07A961FB4A27bd35bC3d4",
"type": "remote"
"OwnershipFacet": {
"name": "OwnershipFacet",
"address": "0x6e9B27a77eC19b2aF5A2da28AcD1434b3de4D6EE",
"type": "remote"
"LocalFacet": {
"name": "LocalFacet",
"type": "local"