Join the Habitat

A New Design Space for Decentralized Organisations

The Ethereum Mainnet is expensive and slow. Resulting in low community engagement and oversimplified coordination solutions. Rollups can tackle these issues by scaling the DAO design space by an order of magnitude. Allowing to practically implement theoretical models and sharing best cases. These needed modules and features are the heart of the Habitat. They are built and maintained by the Habitat DAO and its contributors making them free to use for every community. The HBT token was introduced to coordinate and crowdfund these efforts.

The People Owned Rollup

At Habitat, you can either create your own DAO on the Habitat app or migrate your DAO processes from Ethereum Mainnet to the Habitat Rollup. The Habitat infrastructure is easily integrable in any website framework. No need for yet another tool. All DAOs that use the rollup are sovereign. They only share the scaling benefits by submitting transactions (votes, transfers, delegates etc.) at a fraction of the Mainnet cost.
 This creates an enhanced design space for DAO and coordination solutions. Allowing new and more complex structures such as reputation, liquid democracy, bounty systems, treasury management many more.

HBT Token

The HBT Token is a utility and governance token. It is needed to operate on Habitat as Gas (like Gwei on Ethereum). HBT is used to participate in decisions of new features, upgrades and updates of the rollup. New sophisticated voting modules can be proposed, voted on and implemented. This improves product-market fit and helps DAOs to coordinate better. Together with you and the communities on Habitat, we build an open-source, all-in-one community toolkit on Ethereum.

Scaling on a Optimistic Rollup

Saves up to 96% transaction costs at PayPal like speed.

Owned and Governed by You.

Grow the Habitat by signaling new tools and vote on new features.

Independent and Autonomous

Communities on Habitat stay sovereign.
Your community, your rules.


How do I onboard on Habitat?

When starting a new community you can easily use the Habitat app. If you want to migrate an existing DAO you can do that via the app as well or reach out to us if you want to integrate the Habitat framework in your own space.

How is Habitat secured?

As a rollup Habitat utilizes the security of the Ethereum Mainnet. A transaction is received on the Mainnet, where the transaction data is stored. After the actual smart-contract computation is done on the rollup, the results of this computation are sent back to L1.

What are the benefits of the scaling tech of Rollups?

The computation is the “heavy” part of the transaction, it makes the process slow, costly and increases demand on the Ethereum Mainnet. By handling the actual computation off-chain, Rollups take away this pressure and offer an effective execution-layer for the ever increasing number of transactions on the chain.

What kind of Rollup is Habitat?

Habitat is an Optimistic Rollup. It utilizes Nutberry which provides a toolchain for application specific rollups. It doesn’t host your contracts inside a rollup chain, the app is the rollup. Applications remain standalone in functionality, like governance platforms, games, marketplaces, social protocols and more.

Are there any shortcomings on an Optimistic Rollup?

To secure the network withdrawal times of up to 7 days are required to ensure that challenges can be opened and resolved. A certain trust towards the operator is needed - this can be solved by a single honest actor that observes the chain to identify censorship or any type of fraud. This process can be automated and taken in the hands of the user to achieve a higher trustlevel.